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    • I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and as a small child I enjoyed playing outside with friends-rollerblading riding bicycle, listening to music,instruments and collecting things from nature-snails,fishing ,earthworms,making mud balls and going fishing were my favorites.
    • My love of nature and children continued so I studied child development and Human development, with an aim to get a job doing something I loved. But, as often happens in life, I landed a sensible child specialist job, and lost sight of my planned journey.
    • Years later, i have a wonderful child…..I had taken many classes in children’s literacy,attended seminars and even went on missions to help the orphanages. Helped build homes, teach english and having a child this led to a realization i LOVE to work with children, no matter where they are from.
    •  I finally knew what I wanted to do - write stories for children to have fun and love.
    •  Derrick’s Daily Adventure  is my first children's book, and I hope to write many more.
    •  I have one child and pets hamster, fishes, and a frog.  Sometimes, the hamster likes to climb the monkey bars. I’ll leave that to your imagination.
    • When I am not writing, I like to have  fun with my family. I also enjoy eating and like to go on adventures. 🙂
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      I am the author of “Derrick’s Daily Adventure”, a book for children who loves fun and adventure.

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      The story is about a boy named Derrick who receives a gift from his friend for his birthday.

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