Alice, an Author of Her First Book

September 19, 2017

” Derrick’s Daily Adventure” The story is about a boy named Derrick who receives a gift from his friend for his birthday. Derrick leaves his guitar at school one day, which makes him sad. But he decides to use his imagination and use different things as a guitar, which makes him happy. He goes back to school and shares the guitar with his friends and they all play together.

It is a fun-loving book to read. 🙂

In the field of child development with 10 years of experience, she worked for children , adults that developmental disabled and as well of being visually impaired. The most challenging but most beautiful part.

When she’s not writing, Alice lives in a world with frozen yogurts, beef-loving and snack eating monster machine tot!

she loves to go on nature walks and go on fun adventures!

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